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Use secure alternatives as HTML5,WebGL and WebAssembly instead of Adobe Flash for SRC Portal.

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Adobe Flash is going EOL in 2020 and  has a rather unenviable history of bugs, malware and security flaws that have made it a target for malicious developers and hackers.

Malicious code can be relatively easily injected into Flash applications in order to spread viruses that conduct attacks such as denial-of-service and cross-site scripting.


Restrict the use of Adobe Flash for SRC Portal, Use secure alternatives such as HTML5,WebGL and WebAssembly.



  •  @  we noticed that as the key technology used by RC, Adobe has announced the end of support of Flash by end of 2020. Micro Focus has no plan to refactor SRC nor replace Flash technology. And alternative solution has been offered for free: SMA service portal

    We used to have a SM practitioner forum to elaborate more in details, please refer to the recording listed in below link: ( 9/24 Hear important info about Flash EOL that impacts your usage of SRC)


  • Hi Deepak,

    Have a look at 

    /it_ops_mgt/itsm/sws-smgr/w/sma-servicemanagerlearn/19271/live-meetings-for-sma-sm-software-community-technical-practitioners and click on the ‘Hear important info about Flash EOL that impacts your usage of SRC’ ‘s Play Recording.

    It will explain Micro Focus solution to this.