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Use the Discussions tab for all ticket related (omnichannel) communications, incl. email!

Status : Under Consideration
8 months ago

Customers often request how can email messages can be created and sent from a ticket (e.g. Request) from within SMAX and how SMAX automatically registers/keeps track of the email history in the ticket ?o
The requirement is to have an omnichannel communication for flexible use/switching between systems and persons and the registration of the communication/contact in the ticket.

The Discussion tab seems to be the perfect and right place with the expected and necessary ingredients to gather and register all communications about a ticket! 
So, let's use the Discussions tab for all ticket related communications, including e-mail! 

The Discussions tab in a record currently enables you to open discussions or post comments about the records you are viewing. It would be logical and functionally interesting to include all relevant communication in this tab.
Where the buttons (mzbslv_4-1601018841179.pngmzbslv_5-1601018841180.pngmzbslv_6-1601018841180.pngmzbslv_7-1601018841181.png) currently only represent a simple indication for the type of communication , and the 'from' and 'to' fields only represent just some labels (agent, user, vendor, external service or social user), 
sbe4.pngthis tab could functionality add practical useful value to ensure that:

  • all communications is done, registered and available in one central place within the ticket 
  • all communications (history) can be tracked and traced
  • all communications is included as a source for knowledge management (e.g. search and analysis)

How nice would it be when all communication types and messages could be handled and gathered from one (Discussions/Communication) tab. When selection of  the needed communication type  (mzbslv_4-1601018841179.png,mzbslv_5-1601018841180.pngmzbslv_6-1601018841180.pngmzbslv_7-1601018841181.png ) would allow specification of addressee names or addresses in the "To:" field (e.g.  selection of mzbslv_5-1601018841180.png allows selection of Agent names in the To: field, and selection of mzbslv_4-1601018841179.pngallows selection (of a Person) or specification of a(ny) e-mail address in the To: field, etc.). 
Having the ability to filter communication history on e.g. type (discussions, email, phone, fax, sms, MS Teams, etc.)  would also be very practical and useful. 


Besides this, the integration with Teams and the ability to add e-mail attachments in outgoing mail would be nice.




Some additional remarks :

  • Currently email can be sent from a ticket the 'send by email' functionality (in the 'more' menu). This functionality is however insufficient and not logged, only allows flat text and updates the History tab with a meaningless “performed send email action”:

sbe.png                    sbe1.png




  • SMAX is not Outlook and should not intend this, but it is very valuable and useful when all communications (including email) from a ticket perspective would be registered/stored in the ticket. Also from a knowledge management perspective this would be quite useful.