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User Notification

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over 1 year ago

It would be good if there is a notification on the header like this on SMAX.



This notification will get a badge number if there is a:

*Task assigned has been assigned to you or to your group.

*You're group was assigned in the Current assignment field.

*There is a new reply in the discussion tab

*Also would be good if users can mention users using @ in Discussion like in email/twitter, doing this will also notify the user.

*Moving a phase on the ticket you've created will also notify the owner.

*Your request was approved/denied.

*Basically all things that are connected to the user's creation will get a notification.


This will help us since most of our users are not staying that long in SMAX, having a notification will greatly speedup up checking each request status, rather than checking each request that's been created.