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Users models is not efficient on 2020.08 SMAX because of the users synced everytime for each Account

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8 months ago

Hi Team,


After the 2020.05 version, SMAX become the new tenancy model, which is good idea. One account to one tenant this is much more convinient to isolte the tenants


But, when I integrate the LDAP to the Account, it is sync the LDAP users to the only one Account.

Short of the word, I am using the same LDAP integration fro my all DEV, TEST, PROD accoutns aswell, this means Total amount of users has been synced to all account. This is not necessary to see the same user 3 times.


You can use add the user to multiple account if the LDAP resource is the same.


I think, Authentication methods should be exist on another place on the SMAX, and relate the resources to the desired Account or Tenant. Just imagine in your mind that you are adding multiple LDAP resources to the Authentication Resource settings, not to account authentication tab. And in your tenant or account, you are just pointing which LDAP resources you want. So, we are sync only one time all users and use the users on multiple tenant.


Before SMAX 2020.05 version, I could've "Switch Tenant" from the service portal, but now I can not switch it, because the same user has been defined in all 3 of account, so system behaviour consider as they are different users even if the user has the same user principle name or sam account name