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View created task in changes even they are non active tasks

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over 1 year ago

We are developing our Change Management plan in SMAX and some "limitations" have appeared.

When we desing a new task management work plan, we can define serial and paralled tasks, but they are not created until the change starts or previous tasks are executed.

It means, we have all tasks created and related to a change, but all or some of them are non active because of their dependencies, although all of them are already assigned to their corresponding technical group.

We know that we are not going to be able to work with non active tasks, but we want to see all of them to be able to manage the amount of job that every group is going to spend in the next hours or in the next days. Of course we also know in some cases, because of the flow of a task plan, some tasks can have interdependencies and may not even be created.

This is very important specially for changes which require stop services in production environments, where schedule for these kind of operation is predefined.

The point is to keep informed technical groups that, some day at certain time, there is gonna be an intervention and they are or can be part of it, allowing them to plan their daily workplan.