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View should get Auto Refreshed based on the event

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over 2 years ago

Service Manager 9.60 Codeless version

Steps to reproduce the issue

Assignment Group: Service Desk

Assignee Name 1: Sandra.Jans

Assignee Name 2: Sylvia.White

Queue: To Do

View Name: My Group's To Do List


Open Interaction and set the assignment group name as “Service Desk”.

Login to portal with Sandra.Jans

Login to portal on a different browser with Sylvia.White

Expected: both the operator are able to login and access My Group's To Do List

Both the user are on the same screen

User Sandra.Jans picks IM10017 and changes the assignee name of the Incident

User Sylvia.White is still on the same Queue but this user Assigned field is still null, customer is looking for event based refresh of views. In this scenario after refresh this user is able to see the assignee name.


Customer Requirement: My Group’s To Do queue should get auto refreshed based on the event.