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Web client: impossible to interact with the selected field/cell/row

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over 2 years ago


  • Brief Description
    •      In the Windows client, it is possible to get the current cell content and name using the cursor_field_name() and cursor_field_contents() RAD functions, which is very useful. 
    •     This doesn't work in the web client, which is a big limitation.
  • Benefits / Value
    •      This may have incredibly numerous usages.
    •      For example, displaying detailed information about a hovered field.
    •      In our case, this allows us to read the ticket number in the selected row of a ".qbe" list, and then browse to that ticket's form (which my vary depending on whether the ticket is an incident, a change, a problem...).



  • Thank you Gaétan. With my colleagues, I was wondering about changing the title of this Idea to a more functional title, but now that I had your replied, I'm hesitating... :-)

  • Hi,  In Virtual Join this seem to works, but not in .qbe or wizard.  Actually this also involde the "double click" button properties that does not works,

    I have a similare use case where I want to lauch a view to show the detail odf a record from a wizard and I can't make it to work.  This is beyong the 2 fonction you mention and it is a huge limitation.  You have my vote!


  • Hi,  Are you sure about this statment?  Many OOTB function rely on this function and works in Web client.  Example,  unlink button.