Rule to set User Option field

Is it possible to set User Option fields from a RuleSet? 

Scenario: Using the Create Record rule, I'm creating a Request and setting an Offering and multiple required fields.  However I cannot figure out a way to pass filed values from the source record to the User Options of the target Request.

Is this possible?

  • Hi,

    Currently, it's not possible to set User Options of target request via Create Record business rule. As a workaround;

    - You can use comments. After you create record, add comment to new record like "OptionName:Option Value" then you can retrieve the value for user option. 

    - Similar to comments, you can fill a field with user option values then parse it. 


  • Hello again,

    Actually you can via Create record business rule. 

    - First, create a record of target offering manually and retrieve the value of User Options field. It should be something like that: 


    - Then, set user options field in create record rule with expression above. you'll need to insert desired values of user options. 

    Finally, you'll see user options of new record is filled.