SMA-X Chatops - entity Request supported?

Hello SMA-X community and MF product management.


We are looking at ChatOps functionality of SMA-X with MS Teams and we identified several valuable use cases for our client related to entity "REQUEST".

So far only entity Incident is supported. Is Request in roadmap? Does it require product support or it can be customized on SMA-X or MS Teams side? 


Is there roadmap of Chatops functionality? 

  • Hello,

    Roadmap questions are not addressed on this forum. If you are looking for a specific capability, please submit an idea or vote on an existing one.

    The chatops capability is supported on Incident only. What you are describing is likely not chatops but regular chat capabilities. Currently the embedded chat capability is supported. If you are looking for an external integration, you can develop it using REST APIs.

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