Making an outbound REST call - REST Business Rule

Hi Experts,

   We're trying to make a simple REST POST to our partners application and don't know how to debug the whole thing. What we've already covered:

  • OPB Agent
  • Endpoint
  • Certificates (OPB and Partner)

We've also made a successful call to the partner System from the very same machine where the OPB is installed - it worked. 

As a POC I just went on and added an automated task (REST) to an incident Model. Now, after creating an incident and selecting the only incident model I can see that the task launches but it stays in work in progress... Also I don't really see a trace of sending the call: when I look at the agent in and the list of last three operations I can only see the Auth stuff from agent startup... Should I see the RESTful POST attempt here... Also I don't seem to find the payload/body in controller.log on the OPB Machine... How can I take a look at the outgoing message for debugging? 

controller log added!

    Extra: is there a way to test the eindpoint on the OPB Machine... I mean put in some body, method and try the call bypassing SMAX?

Thanks in advance!