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Please advise that it's possible to effectively manage the stockroom entity to send out notification alert when a certain stock level reach a threshold?

Example, send email notification when laptops are below 20%. 

The stockroom form is locked for additional of field. The only way i deem fit is creating custom app to manage and monitor the stock. Please advise if you once encountered similar situation.


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    You shouldn't need to have to create a custom application just to send a notification.

    While you don't have a field to store the maximum (to then calculate the 20%), do you need that or can you hardcode the threshold in a business rule?

    To trigger the notification rule to run, a change needs to occur on the stockroom record. One option is to add a business rule on the Device workflow, if the stockroom field changes value, a comment can be added on the related Stockroom record. Or, if you have a field you are not using - like the DeliveryInstructions, you can update this field rather than adding a comment. This way you will always update the same field, rather than adding a new comment (which over time can grow quite a bit).

    Here is an example of the rules you can add on the Device workflow to trigger an update on both the old value and the new value of the stockroom field


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  • Hmm well, these resolve  80% of my problem. Just tested and it works,

    Ideally i want to calculate the threshold (20%) and have ability to configure/define the threshold base on subtype/device type hence initially i mentioned creating custom app.

    Think it might be an end-to-end solution if i create custom app that i will push the device info into [type and count] and config form which the Asset team configure their threshold base on asset type and whom need to notify. Please advice.

    But Thank you, these really helps.