Get a field value from a Reference table based on different field value from that table.

I think its a very basic setup and I must be missing a small step/rule somewhere. Any pointer would be appreciated.

Query :   get record status   where record ID is <something>

This is for a  business rule to set a  reference record .



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    After going thru the out of the box entities and rules. I think I figured it out or atleast I got my requirement working.

    Seems like the structure would be  {entity.<Reference entity>[field==<value>].<required Field> }

    Important thing is in the [query] we need to use exact fields from reference table(example status , DisplayLabel etc).

    Example from Request Rules...(ExpertAssignee is the field in Ref table not in current table)

    Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 18.39.23.png

    Hope It helps someone else in need or myself when I forget about it in near future