Could it possible to install masters in different datacenters (HA solution)?

We have SMAX on-premise, and we want to install a SMAX HA in different Datacenters. We have Datacenter A and Datacenter B, we want to make a continuity plan, and install 3 master in datacenter A and 3 master in datacenter B to prevent any disaster. Our solution would be 6 masters (3 datacenter A , 3 datacenter B) and 8 workers (4 datacenter A and 4 datacenter B). We want to know if its possible to plan something like this.

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    You cannot have more than 3 masters on a SMAX deployment. If you are looking for a DR solution, you can set up two separate deployments, one in each data center.

    If you are trying to simulate the availability zones architecture available in a cloud deployment, you will need 3 datacenters. With that said, if the communication between the different components is not below a certain latency threshold, you will not be able to make it work. Keep in mind you need to account for the database and the NFs as well. You need to make sure you have the right architecture in place, it's not as simple as just putting master and worker nodes in different data centers.

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