Intersection of SMAX and RPA

Talk to me about the intersection of SMAX and RPA.

  • We have some partners/customers extending SMAX automation to integrate with RPA. We are looking at additional options. Please share your ideas on where it would be most valuable!

  • There are several ways to integrate SMAX and RPA. One of them is to have RPA automation flows provided for end users who want to trigger their execution as an offering in the SMAX Service Catalogue. That way, RPA can be ordered from the service portal and executed and a fulfillment plan.

  • Some other use case examples:

    Order product via online store

    • User places order in SMAX
    • RPA logs in to the vendor’s ordering application (web)
    • RPA finds the product in vedor's catalog
    • RPA places the order
    • The order number, delivery time, shipping ID, etc are written back to SMAX
    • RPA creates a PO in the purchasing system
    • RPA returns the PO number to SMAX

    Update multiple HR web sites

    • User creates an address change request in SMAX
    • RPA updates multiple web sites, especially those not owned by the company
      • For example:
        • Workday (HR)
        • Cigna (Medical)
        • ComputerShare (ESPP)
    • The request is closed, and the user is notified

    External partner request

    • A copy machine needs fixing
    • An incident is logged in SMAX
    • RPA automatically opens the ticket on the repair partner's website
    • RPA updates the SMAX ticket 
    • RPA checks the external site for a status change
    • When the copy machine is fixed, RPA updates SMAX and the incident is closed