Custom field with the value "" from the integration with CTI


Hello, we have article where where integration with PBX is described:

And we have example:

For a service request I need to add a custom field where the caller's phone number will be stored, obtained from this string from the value "".

Can I somehow intercept the value of this field and add on the form Live Support?

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    No, you cannot intercept the phone number. The attributes in the URL are used for identifying the Person record, not for editing the record.

    If the phone number doesn't exist on the Person record, how will you identify who is calling and find the relevant Person record?

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    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    If this attribute is passed and readable, why can't we get its value?
    We use a billing system that records all calls and dialogs. Customers can call from different phone numbers, and by the end of the month, billing and processed requests are verified.
    For example, we cannot set multiple phone numbers for one client in SMAX, because the system has a limitation of up to 3 numbers - office, mobile, home. But what about communication companies, who may have up to a hundred phone numbers for their clients?
    We faced this problem as a customer.
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    The attribute is used as input for finding the user who called, the call does not allow to update the phone number.

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    May be a new idea be created to get these accessible to studio/scripting. As these must be logged somewhere due to  compliance/audit  requirement.

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