Unlock lists?


like the title says is there a way to unlock the out of box lists?

I can easily make my own version of the list but I prefer to not duplicate data if not necessary.

The lists always say "x items added out of 25" so I would expect I could add more options to them.


Can anyone help with this or highlight a workaround? (filters?)

  • Verified Answer


    Certain out of the box lists are locked, others are not. Usually a list is locked as SMAX has specific logic behind, working with the assumption only the out of the box values are possible.

    If you have a specific use case where you think there is a need to add custom values to an existing locked list, please submit an idea, detailing the use case. If the use case is valid, the Product Team can potentially decide to either unlock the list or add new values to the existing out of the box set.

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