Send a notification to display the last comment that was entered in the comment field on a Incident



I am trying to set up notification to be sent out when a comment is added to an Incident and to only display the last comment that was entered. 


I tried



Send comment notification to 
New comment added
And I also tried
filter_comments(comments_added(current_update.Comments.OldValue, current_update.Comments.NewValue),

I added these expressions on the Process and Rules tab. I am looking for assistance on what to add on the Process and Rules tab and what expression to add on the actual Notification.

Thank you



  • Hello,

    The first rule should work, although if you don't specify the recipient list, the notification will be sent to the record stakeholders and previous comment submitters.
    With that said, there is already an out of the bix rule for this, which has a "smart" condition to exclude any system comments (search by sendCommentNotification rule id)

    When a new comment is added, sends a comment notification. If ${current_update.Comments.IsChanged && count(comments_filtered(comments_added(current_update.Comments.OldValue, current_update.Comments.NewValue), 'ActualInterface', 'SYSTEM')) < count(comments_added(current_update.Comments.OldValue, current_update.Comments.NewValue))} Send comment notification to recipients using New comment added with parameters


    The second rule is not a good idea, you are trying to change the entire Comments complex type (blob) field.

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