Automatic Request Owner Assignment in round robin manner.

Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for any Ideas help me to implement automatic Support/Service request owner Assignment  in a round robin manner from Assignment group team members.

In another words, I have a group called Support Group , this group has 4 members[agent1, agent2, agent3, agent4], and each request that is submitted from end user service portal is assigned automatically to this group as a service desk group , I want to set request owner automatically as round robin ( request 1 for agent1, request2 for agent2, request3 for agent3, request4 for agent4, request5 for agent1, ....)

Any Ideas help me to implement this way!

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hello,

    You could use the on-call schedule feature:

    • It is more meant for assigning when out of hours, but could be used for your scenario
    • You'd need to set up calendar for the hours you want to cover
    • Round-robin is one of the options in the assignment rule



  • Sorry , but I can get you point.

    Let me explain in more details what I have implmented till now,

    SMAX has provided 3 function to get the primary, backup1, backup2 agent in the current shift.


    I have defined another integre field called X for  each the group entry, with intial value = 0,

    if there is a ticket assiged to the mentioned group and it's X value = 0, I will execute this Business rule

    Set Owner to ${on_call.Primary(entity.AssignedToGroup)} , and = X + 1

    if X value = 1 then

    Set Owner to ${on_call.Backup1(entity.AssignedToGroup)} , and X  = X + 1

    if X value = 2 then

    Set Owner to ${on_call.Backup2(entity.AssignedToGroup)} , and X  = 0

    and I have created an on call sechdule shift for this group using three memebrs of its members , so I can use the above three functions

    But what should I do if I have more thant three memebrs in this group, and It can't be set statically.

    I wish I had described well, and welcome if you have any enhacments or new Ideas.


  • Hello,

    A generic round-robin assignment is not currently available. You could try to implement a custom solution with a studio app to keep track of assignments, but it will not be a fully automated solution, it will likely require manual maintenance.

    Best regards,