Epoch time not getting updated in SMAX date time field

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We have CIT scenario to import users from LDAP to SMAX person record. there is a field "accountExpires" in LDAP which stores time in EPOCH format e.g. 1631295086, this field is mapped with "LeaveDate" field of SMAX as mentioned in attached screenshot. this direct field mapping is not working i.e. SMAX field is not getting updated. is there any function available in CIT to convert in SMAX date time format to make this work? how we can make it working..


  • SMAX stores the timestamps in epoch time format as well, so you shouldn't need to convert to a different format. Just make sure the unit is the same, SMAX uses milliseconds for epoch time

    What does it mean "SMAX field is not getting updated"? Are you getting an error? You should try to narrow down the issue by capturing the REST call sent to SMAX. Run it by hand and see if it works, check the status and if there was any error on the update. Then you know if the issue is in SMAX or CIT.

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