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Normalising incoming "model" information during regular device import from various distinct and disconnected sources in SMAX/AMX

We are looking to move asset management solution to AMX and one of the important requirement is to normalise the incoming model information to the known model information within AMX. (this may need to be extended to Vendor / brand etc but that's for later)

Basically there are various distinct (and disconnected ) sources from where asset information is received in the asset management tool e.g. manually populated CSVs by different teams, extract from other systems not connected to asset manager, cmdb and various other CSVs and data dumps.

It is not possible for all those disconnected data sources to provide reference information (like Model) in the consistent manner which is known by Asset manager tool and in fact they can even contain some typos, special characters, spaces etc.

e.g. Incoming records may contain same model info but in different format like Pro Book 654, proBook654, PROBOOK654, probook-654, probook    654, "pro book 654", pro_book_654, .... so on

Whereas Asset Manager contains a valid model called probook654

I can't see if there's any javascript type functionality where we can run a simple regex to remove special chars, spaces and convert lowercase incoming value and compare against the existing model in AMX. If a match found, use the normalised value of the model whilst creating/updating the device record. 
If match is not found, leave the 'inventoried model' field populated with whatever incoming value is so that configuration manager can review such records and create an appropriate normalised model in AMX and re-run enrichment / javascript to associate device with the correct normalised value.

This is pretty easy to do in the classic toolsets but I can't see a way to run javascript or any such related functionality whenever a field (let say inventoried model) is changed on the record.

Any idea how it can be done effectively in SMAX as this is very important functionality to onboard customer to AMX.

There's no possibility to enforce the normalised model process on all those disconnected data sources supplying device data for AMX and such procedure cannot be relied upon either. Thus, it seems far better to normalised the value within AMX at the point of regular imports