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My client rely in the user mail as the primary tool to comunication. We have show him the user portal but he insists mail comunications should remain. I have shortcomings that I don't know how to resolve:

1. User add a comment to the ticket using the botton at the end of the "your request have been created" mail. This comment does appear in discussion tab of the ticket.

However, I need the agent owing (assignee I belive is the keyword) of the ticket to receive a email notification that new comment have been added. The need is that agent doesn't have to be monitorizing smax waiting for updates. Is there a OOB way to do this, or should I develop it in studio?

2. I am unable to send a mail to the user from the service manager. I tried adding a comment in the discussion tab. But it doesn't reach the user mail. Documentation about this tab does not really says a mail would be send, only speaks about public comments for user portal (comments are well displayed in portal). Is there a OOB procedure to send a mail to the user from the service manager? If not, could you suggest a solution please?

Thank you very much

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