Report of Groups and Group Members

Smax 2021.05

Would like to know if it's possible to schedule a report of all groups and the members in the groups.  The report would be sent to the group owner for periodic review of members adds/deletions.

Another option would be to schedule a notification from Studio->Group to the group owner and include the group members in the body of the notification.

  • Hello,

    Scheduling a report of all groups is possible. Adding the group membership is not possible, as it is a MANY2MANY relationship.

    Adding the list of users into the notification body is possible using a concat function, but it will display as a comma-separated list., You have to consider the aspect of triggering the rule. Additionally,if the group has too many members, there can be some limitations about the rule running properly.

    With SMAX 2021.11, there is a new set of reports for user management, but you cannot schedule them, a user with the appropriate privileges will have to export the information.

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