Relate Category and Service

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Would it be possible to make an automatic relationship between the category and service fields when creating a service request?

I would like to automatically filter the options in the service field according to the result of the category field, this to prevent the analyst from filling in the fields with wrong information. It would be possible?



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    You can add a rendering rule on the Service to filter based on a specific category selection, but you need to be able to programmatically define how the two fields are related.

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    Not straightforward, but one option could be to create a custom table linking the two entities (Service and Category).

    However, on your Ticket form, you would need to replace one of the fields (probably Service) by a new custom Entity-Link field to that new table.

    This would allow to use rules to suggest the right values for Service based on the already filled in Category, and a separate rule to then copy the Service from the custom record to the real OOTB Service Field.



    Ben Rabau 

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