Change model does not apply to Change when Change fields are filled before filling Change model when creating from menu in Request and other tickets.

There is a default values section in the Change Model record where we can define the default values that will be auto-filled in a Change record when Change Model is provided in the Change.

Our specific issue is with the Description field in the Change record. When this field is pre-filled with some value before we fill the Change Model then the default values defined in Change Model do not apply to the Change record.

In the below image, we filled the description field before filling Change Model

Now we filled Change Model but the description value did not change as per Change Model default values.

Steps to reproduce the issue

1. Go to any Request record and click on More as shown below

2. Click on Create change from the record. A new Change form will open.

3. Observe that the Description is auto-filled.

4. Now fill the Change Model, and choose one that has default values for the Description defined.

5. Observe that the description field does not change.

  • Suggested Answer

    Hi H.Himanshu,

    I think this is by design in order to not lose what the user has typed.

    One way that you could work with the Model is to add a Rule to merge in some standard description text.
    I would even suggest a more programmatic approach using fx if the text is short enough and remember that description is an HTML field:

    ${concat('<p>some standard text</p>', entity.Description)}

    This way, you don't lose the text, but it is merged within the same Description field.

    On a different aspect of this:

    • IDOL Smart Analytics is not always well served by standard text in Tickets (of any type).
    • If the automatic text is very repetitive and used in many models, then all tickets will have similar text
    • That would mean that Analytics may think that the tickets are somehow related to each other
    • Templated text in description hence requires careful consideration (e.g.: maybe exclude via stop-words, etc.)  
    • If in your case the Description is about one specific Model, you can ignore the above.



    Ben Rabau 

    EMEA Professional Services