Description field in the report

Hello friends,

It is not possible to place fields of type RICH_TEXT in the standard smax report?


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    Hi Afonso,

    That seems to correspond to the manual stating: 

    Additional table columns

    The Additional table columns section displays the additional columns of the grid report. The columns are defined according to the following rules:

    • Every Group by option selected which is a record type is displayed. Click in the box to select fields of that record type to be displayed as additional columns.
    • If no Group by options are selected, you can select fields of the report record type to be displayed as additional columns. This option is only available for operational reports and includes a grid report only.
    • Fields of the RICH_TEXT or COMPLEX_TYPE type aren't available.



    P.S. You can export Views with Description to Excel (limited to 1,000 at a time).

    Ben Rabau 

    EMEA Professional Services