SMAX offering bundle user options!

Hello Experts,

We have a scenario as in below 

1. We have a offering bundle. That has two offerings bundled. Each bundled offerings have user options nearly 100. To capture inputs for the user options of these to offerings inside bundle, we have created all these users option in parent offerings. We set the user option mapping for both bundled offerings. When bundle is submitted. Bundle captures user option values will be passed on to both child user options. All working fine.

2. In the created child tickets, we have fulfilment tasks flow. Around 15 manual tasks are running. For each task we are passing the values captured from user option to the relevant team. 


1. User option values passed to task inside parent is properly showing in the task. 

2. User option values copied to child offering and in the child offering we pass then to the child's tasks. Here the values are not coming.

Can anyone help us here. When we can pass the user options of offering to its task, why can't we pass the bundle to it's child and to its task.

Any suggestion here is much appreciated.


  • Hello,

    A general question, why do you need to copy the User options into the task? And where do you store the information inside the task? Copying so much information has a performance impact, why not just use the original information on the task parent?

    As for why it works for the bundle but not for the individual requests, that's up to you to investigate, since these are custom business rules you built.

    If you need assistance, please submit a support ticket, but again, I have to challenge the reason for copying this information.

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  • Hello Brindusa, 

    Thanks for the reply. 

    Answer to your question. Our offering is for server commissioning. Our bundle will carry one offering for server commission and another for license commissioning. In the server commission child we have build fulfilment flow which consist for different tasks such as IP, storage and database allocation. The inputs we get from user option will be passed inside the description rich text field. Team manually extracts them and use to validate their task.

    Thank you!

  • Any update in this space brindusa?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Suggested Answer

    Is there a reason why the team cannot read the info from the parent?

    If you still need to copy the information in the description and it is not working, you can turn on the workflow debugger and check what the different parameters are at the time the rule executes.

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