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User person status Retired, Terminated, Inactive, handling of terminated user.

Hi All,

Seeking advise on SMAX OOB practice use of the person status.

the value in people -> person status, does having different status trigger any task or feature in SMAX or are these just pure status value input?


when set a person status to either retired or terminated or inactive does it prevent the user from logging in?

when set a person status to either retired or terminated or inactive, will smax auto delete the user account in BO (suite adamin) portal and change the record to contact?

OOTB how does smax handle user account which no longer required access?

In smax is there a way to automate to remove the user account in BO when the user status is set to inactive or terminated?

(can this be done with the OO that came with smax in premium lincesne.)


Soong WengChew