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Dear All,

Is it possible to combine Managing workign hours and vocations with Oncall Schedule for a User. Below is the detailed use case:

Oncall Schedule for a Group is designed with 24/7 and updated the working hours in the  Profile ()Schedule-->When an engineer needs 1hr off for their lunch break, the engineer signs on/off from being available to receive cases in the Assignment Group they are a member of. The engineer is still a member but for the period of 1hr they are on their break, they will not be assigned new cases.

This is not reflecting, when auto assignment happens to the request. The request still assigns to the oncall person, though he is not part of working hours.

Manage Working hours by Splitting working hours:

Need expert opinion to move forward. Thanks in advance.


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    Can any one assist on this please?

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    Hi Pavithra,

    I think you are confusing everyone by saying that the "Oncall Schedule for a Group is designed with 24/7", so if it's not pointing to the real schedule, how can the scheduler know there is a break?

    AFAIK: it's not the individual's time period that counts here, but the one in the on-call schedule which is telling SMAX when the out of hours are that need to be covered by the given group of people.

    I don't think this will look at whether the user is available or not, you've already told the system that they are part of the group that covers the out-of-hours.

    Happy to hear otherwise, but in the meantime, please provide more details of your setup.



    Ben Rabau

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    That's correct. If a person is on vacation, it needs to me manually removed from a shift, if the name shows up as one of the primary/secondary/etc slot.

    Best regards,


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    Thank you Brindusa for sharing the details

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    Thanks Ben for kindly sharing the details. My Scope is mainly whether the break time or vocation will automatically sync to the Oncall schdule which is already prepared by the Team. 

    My requirement is, ticket auto assignment should happen based on the availability of the Oncall person who has been allocated for a day. If a primary Oncall person is on break where he has mentioned in his profile, the auto assignment shouldnt happen to a speciifc Oncall person.

    So i have asked a query whether the working hours or vocations mentioned in the user profile will reflect the oncall schedule.