Per schedule business rule


What is the best practice for using business rules in the „Per schedule“ section? Our customer wanted to create a new custom Phase in the IT Service Request workflow („Draft“). When the request is in this phase, they needs to check every 1 hour that LastUpdateTime of the related Offering is smaller than the Request creation time. If this condition is not true, they want to set custom boolean field (outdated draft) to true. I have tried to prepare that, but it seems that the business rule is not working properly. I have tested the condition itself on the testing rule in the „After Change“ section and everything worked fine.

What could be please wrong in my configuration?


Thank you very much for help

  • Hello,

    What is the use case?

    Why would you want to compare the two timestamps?

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  • Per schedule only works in new records, did you try it on new records?

    Also check on backend make sure that itom-xruntime-platform-offline is running. that pod is the one who handles job execution rule.

  • The question about the use case is still relevant, the LastUpdateTime field on the offering gets updated periodically by jobs calculating the number of requests linked to an offering, as a result, the logic used may have the expected outcome.

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  • Hi,

    The basic use case for me is to learn, how to work with business rules in the "Per schedule" section. We had different requirements from our customer, when would need to check some values of specific attribute on specific record (e.g. each day or each hour) and then eventually change some other attribute.

    One other use case was dynamic deactivating of records. "Per schedule" business rule would for example each day check, what is the number of days between now and LastUpdateTime. If the days difference would be more than 30 days, SMAX would change the status of the records to "Inactive".

  • I think the first thing you need to do is, test if per schedule is working on yous SMAX, since recently I also have an issue of per schedule not working, and it only works after we restarted SMAX.

    Try a simple command like adding a comment. 

    Create a new record after adding this rule, to make sure it will work.


    Then check the comment after 1 hour or the history, make sure it is updated by Tenant, Internal Integration.