SMAX 2019.11 Release Introduces the following enhancements


SMAX 2019.11 Release Introduces the following enhancements:

Category Enhancement ID Description
Service Portal QCCR1E141522 When the language of Service Portal is set to Arabic, the layout of UI elements is improved for better right-to-left (RTL) language support. Additional improvements will be introduced in future releases as part of our continuous effort to eliminate the remaining RTL related limitations.
Service Portal Idea 1646842 When there are 10 minutes left before session timeout, a pop-up message appears on top of the window. Users can select Continue to extend the session.
Service Management Idea 1789503 In some reports, the values of certain duration time fields are displayed in minutes/seconds/milliseconds. This format is not user friendly and should be converted to dd:hh:mm format.
Service Management Idea 2686013 In earlier releases, you can call OO flows via "Execute Rest" business rules in workflows whens setting up a SMAX-Octane or SMAX-Jira integration; however, these business rules cannot run repeatedly unless CSRF protection is disabled on the OO side. This is not acceptable for production tenants, which must have CSRF protection enabled.

Starting with SMA 2019.11, a new "Execute Operations Orchestration (OO) flow" template is available for you to directly execute OO flows from workflows of Incident, Change, and Request (After applying changes), without the need to disable CSRF protection. This new template also eliminates the need for complex configuration such as a json body, which is required when using the "Execute Rest" template.

Service Management N/A SMAX now provides a "Delete attachments" business rule template to soft delete attachments from records.Additionally, an FRS cleansing daemon job keeps running and physically deletes soft-deleted attachments from the file system on a daily basis (up to 20,000 attachment files per day).
Mobile app N/A You can now add multiple tenants and switch between the tenants in the Service Portal mobile app.


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