Announcing Service Management Automation 2018.02 Release


The Micro Focus Service Management Automation team is happy to announce the general availability of Service Management Automation (SMA) 2018.02 release. This release includes key capabilities for customers & service providers managing the suite with introduction of several new capabilities including a multi-tenant console for SMA-X, as well as the introduction of a new iOS native mobile app for SMA-X and SMA-SM. 

This release also combines the capabilities of point product release of SM 9.60 and CMS 11 into the SMA suite, provides our customers with numerous SMA-X product enhancements and, in addition, improves enterprise readiness for our suite.

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Overall release highlights include the following:

Multi-tenant console for SMA- X               

  • One user interface for shared services and managed service providers to manage their business units’ and clients’ request and incident records
  • Each business unit and client can be independently managed in its own SMA-X tenant
  • The Multi-tenant Console displays Incident and Request data together in one consolidated view, for agent efficiency
  • The data provided empowers agents to prioritize their work and be more efficient

Native mobile app and Self-service Portal

  • iOS mobile app for end users to browse the catalog, search for offerings, and open a new smart ticket.
  • SRC parity features:
  •      Modify and resubmit existing requests by end users
  •      End users can view approval history and future approvals details for interaction and change approvals which includes individual and group approvals
  •      End users can see the SM table values in the Portal drop down menus when the table has multi-column information

Enterprise readiness

  • Re-branding of suite UI to Micro Focus look and feel
  • Suite update capabilities from 2017.11 to 2018.02
  • Support for multiple LDAP servers through use of LDAP proxy
  • Disaster Recovery support through backup/restore capabilities
  • Enhanced HA by providing fail-over for suite common services
  • Support for external load balancer & FQDN replacement of the master node

 Public cloud support

  • AWS deployment for both SMA-SM and SMA-X through the use of Cloud Formation templates
  • Availability of SMA-X on AWS marketplace (will be updated with new release shortly)

Smart Analytics

  • Smart analytics tuning admin portal for configuration of Smart Ticketing and Smart Search admin capabilities (SMA-X). Allows for administrators to train the system for Smart Ticketing tasks and helps improves search relevancy for end users




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