SMA-X Idea Exchange Available! Log your ideas in the Idea Exchange (instead of the ER process)


We are excited to launch an Idea Exchange capability for the SMA-X Community bringing crowd-sourcing to idea submission. In the Idea Exchange the community can discuss and show support for all ideas. As a community member, you can post your ideas the same way you post other community messages, add comments the same way you reply to messages or comment on blogs, and show support for ideas by giving kudos. We encourage you to share your ideas, kudo your favorite, comment and enhance existing ideas.

This new Idea Exchange provides greater transparency over the current Enhancement Request process into ideas that are aligned with the product roadmap. Another advantage is visibility to what other community members are asking, with the ability to show support (kudos) and help refine the idea details. While there is no guarantee that your ideas will be accepted, Micro Focus product management actively monitor the community, and respond to those ideas with high community traction. Updates will be visible to all community members, and you can subscribe to email updates (at the forum, idea or idea label level).

 This capability is currently only available for SMA-X, but will be rolled out for other IT Operations Management and IT Service Management products in the near future. Your feedback on the new process is very welcome – please private message me with feedback on the new process (and log your ideas in the Idea Exchange).

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which products and suites are using the Idea Exchange?

A: This initial launch is for SMA-X, the next generation suite for Service Management, including the next generation portal that works with recent releases of Service Manager. Other Idea Exchanges will be launched soon.


Q: Does this replace the current Enhancement Request (ER) process through SSO?

A: Yes, it does for SMA-X. During this initial phase of the project the ER process is still available however we ask that you log all ideas here.


Q: Will the product team respond to every idea?

A: Every idea will get a preliminary review, strictly for adherence to the submission guidelines. Then, the ideas with high community support (kudos, comments) will be assessed for alignment to the product plan and product roadmap. Please review our submission guidelines and review process for more information.


Q: Who can submit an idea?

A: Community members. See here for how to create an account.


Q: How can I track ideas submitted by my company?

A: Customers may want to create an account using an email alias, and submit all ideas under that account. An advantage is that updates will go to that team, and not an individual who may have left the company. Idea tags may also be leveraged to track.


Q: Do I need to resubmit my previously logged Enhancement Request (ER)?

A: No. ERs remain available for the product team to leverage during release and feature planning. We have populated the SMA-X Idea Exchange with some of the most common requests – take a look, and support your favorites (with kudos).  If you don’t see your #1 idea you may want to add it to see what the rest of the community thinks about it.


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