Get involved: SMAX APP CHALLENGE June 9th-11th


SMAX Product management are proud to announce the launch of the SMAX APP CHALLENGE.

A 3 day special community event to create SMAX Studio Apps starting June 9th!

  • Work as individuals or Teams to create a SMAX Studio App in 3 days 
    • Publishing the app to Marketplace is preferred but optional
    • documentation templates & checklists will be provided to help with SMAX Studio App creation
  • No previous Studio skills required!
    • If you’re new to SMAX, guidance will be available through our SMAX App Platform
    • Each Team will also be assigned a SMAX buddy during the event to guide them through the process
  • Anyone can enter!
    • We already have a variety of entrants from Micro Focus, Partners & Customers already signed up

This is about bringing the SMAX community together, learning new skills, helping to solve some of your organisations needs and hopefully have some fun along the way

To sign up to the SMAX APP Challenge, just send an email to register to: and one of the SMAX buddies will contact you to organise a quick meeting to understand current skill level, discuss ideas for your planned App and get you signed up to the SMAX App Challenge Platform (yes, we are using SMAX!)


but wait...thats not all!

June 10th Practitioner Forum session will be a special Drop in session for the SMAX App Challenge, providing as it happens updates on progress of some of the entrants as well as a few suprises!

July 8th we will be hosting our first SMAX App Challenge Awards, showcasing the apps developed, and giving out awards and prizes ... Thats right, PRIZES!

So what are you waiting for? ... send me an email to start on your SMAX App Challenge journey... don't stop believin'


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