SMA-X Implementation Guides - December 2017


A newer version of the guides is now available on the ITOM Practitioner Portal, in the SMAX documentation, under the "Practitioner Notes" section for each release.

For the most recent release at the time of this note, the URL is:



Hi everyone,

We are pleased to release new versions of the Getting Started Guide and Configuration Guide for Service Management Automation X. These guides are a great resource for new SMA-X customers, as well as those looking for ideas on next steps.

The focus on the Getting Started Guide is more on the what and why, rather than the how – meaning it focuses more on the high level explanations of what you need to do in order to get started, and why you need to do it, but the actual steps to do so are going to be found in the on-line help.  The guide does provide relevant links to the on-line help throughout, so if you want to learn more immediately it is only a click away. As for the Configuration Guide, it is all about the how.

New in the Getting Started Guide:

  • Minor corrections

New in the Configuration Guide:

  • Added Configuration Use case for using Power BI to create reports
  • Added Configuration Use case for using offerings to create or update person records
  • Added Configuration Use case for configuring SMA-X for High Availability
  • Added section detailing methods for importing users
  • Minor corrections

The pdf versions of both guides are attached to this post.

Enjoy, looking forward in receiving your feedback and suggestions for additional content!


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