SMAXTEMBER - September 1-30, 2021


We're celebrating all things SMAX this September with competitions, how-to webinars, live chats with product experts and more. It's going to be a SMAXTRAVAGANZA of a festival!

Starting on the first day of SMAXTEMBER with our Opening Keynote, we'll guide you through our plans for the month, and how to register for the SMAX Challenge via our special SMAXTEMBER Portal.

Here's a small taste of what's planned:

  • How-to webinars including a special "Building a SMAX App" series
  • Technical deep dives into how you can utilize SMAX to Extend Service Management beyond IT
  • Live Q & A drop-ins with product experts
  • SMAX Plus Series to showcase the power of integrating with SMAX

And to wrap up on the last day of the month, we'll be running our SMAXTEMBER Review featuring the SMAX Challenge Awards.



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