SMAX 2021.11 limitation with Dell unity Storage as NFS


Hi All,

in the latest SMAX 2021.11 version is having limitation on using Dell Unity storage as NFS. However, you will not face issues with 2021.08 version or earlier.

Issue is seen only at uploading meta data state while installing new smax instance & while upgrading(event during patch upgrade)

Solution for installing and patch update


Change the NFS version to 3 from below files only on first control plane nodes where installation is performed  then reboot the servers to proceed with installtion, post installation you must revert the nfs config and start the services.



Patch update:

issue is seen only at 5443 portal when you try to upload the metadata file,  stop SMAX services & change NFS version to 3 on all control plane nodes then start smax service.

now proceed to upload metadata in 5443, download the files.

Stop smax services and revert the changes made on control plane node & restart the services




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  • Hi All,

    I got a long term fix from R&D which now allows me to perform patch update with out changing the NFS version.

    R&D provided us an image, you may reach out to them for accessing the image

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