How do I set the default driver discovery connection method to use SNMP V3


running HP Network Automation 9.22 64-bit (Build 7335-052813) on Linux.


In order to get Driver discovery to use snmp V3, I had to set the connection method for each device.

I was able to use "batch edit" but want to know if there is way to set the defaultconnection method

to V3 so I can add new devices and not have to manually set it?

I have a password rule that only has V3.



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    I see no way to specifically set, within NA, existing devices to SNMPV3 other than the ways that you mention.


    However, for new devices, you could set up a device template ( Devices -> Device Tools -> Device Templates;  then select New Device Template on the upper right of the screen).


    You can create a template with the connection methods that you want to insure is set up on all new devices that deploy.

    So, if you create a template named "snmpv3_template", when you add new devices, you will specify that as the template and it will bring in those values.


    When you provision a new device, you will click menu -> Devices -> Device Tasks -> Provision Device From Template.

    Please see the NA User guide section called "Device Specific Template Page" for more information.


    Also, you can select the appropriate access methods when importing devices.  The column is named accessMethods.

    Please see the NA User guide section called "Importing Devices" for more information.


    I hope that this helps...