Startup and running Configurations differ

If you look at the lines of the config # 1 in the screenshot I've attached, we can see that the router was functioning normally and that the last backup was made by hpaprod. Now after a reboot, all that is "reset" and the config # 2 shows no configuration changes since last restart. When the only thing that has changed are the lines (in fact those that normally precede the xx.x version) It should not be shown as a different configuration. Is there a way to exclude certain rows in a snapshot?

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    At this time the configuration comparison you are experiencing is the way that Network Automation (NA) currently functions with its snapshot task. If there is a difference it will report it, even if it is just a comment generated by the Cisco Device itself.

    If you feel it should function differently, you may open a case with HP NA Support and request an RFE and see if it is viable to make this change in the NA configuration comparison.


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    Future Reference: If you have a valid support contract with HP, please use the "Network Automation Support Customer Forum."