Cisco MDE-CDN Passsword

Hi All,

Can we push password on cisco cdn device from HPNA.

if yes, please help me to prepare the script for Cisco cdn devices.

I tried with available option same as for cisco, but it doesnt have configuration mode in HPNA.

can you help with perl script/ advanced script.


Thank you .






  • Hi ,

    on Na the closest is the Deploy password task, but that depeends on what is supported by the Driver.

  • , Hi Pedro,


    CDN devices are supported in HPNAS.

    But it requires perl scriot, can you let me know how to convert your commands in perl scrip in hpna

  • Hi ,


    From the NA GUI:

    Menu: Devices -> Inventory

    Select a device for which you would like to create a script.

    On the Device Page, below the yellow section on the page, select Menu: Connect -> Via Proxy Using SSH.

    NA will connect to the device.

    In the API window the user can run a couple of commands on the device (i.e. show running-config or show users).

    Once commands are done being entered into the API, please exit the API.

    Back on the Device Page, below the yellow section on the page, select Menu: View -> Telnet/SSH Sessions.

    A list of Device Sessions will appear on the lower section of the Device Page.

    The user can select the one just created in the API with the link to the right: View Full Telnet/SSH Session

    Once on the Telnet/SSH Session page select the link near the upper right-hand corner of the page Convert to Perl Script.

    NA will open the New Command Script page, which will allow the user to edit the content of the now converted Perl script.