Capturing SNMP routing table information via NA

HI Experts,


NA 9.22 on Windows 2008. NA integrated with NNMI and integration level is 'complete'.


I am trying to display device routing table information using SNMP in NA. N/W team here needs NA to poll the SNMP routing table ( - ipRouteTable) and display the output.


I need to know if i can run snmpwalk command from NA itself to the routing table OID or is there a way to invoke the below command on NNMi server from NA using diagnostic task and display the outQput.


/opt/OV/bin/nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -c <community_string> <Device Name>


As far i have tested both options are not possible.


Please let me know if there are any other ways of achieving this.


Thanks in Advance.




  • You're attempting to  replicate a behavior that existed in NNM  7.53 that for good reasons  was not included in 8.0 and later releases.


    Retriving a routing table might be fine for some routers from some vendors with a small table, but the larger the table the more problems it presents.


    You can create a  mib expression  from MIB-II - ipRouteTable, add it to a custom poller collection, and apply a policy to retrieve it, but you may cause more problems than you really want to deal with as in my experience some routers will actually crash when you use this method.  Either the software, hardware, or contents of the routing table exceed the ability of the device to consistanlty respond.



    If you're looking for the existance or non-existance of a particular route  I would suggest creating a diagnosting script in NA  utilizing  something like (for cisco)   sho ip rou | beg  X.X.X.X.

  • HI Andy,


    Thanks for the reply.


    I had created a diagnostic task in NA and was succeesful in getting the routing table information using show ip route command. But the N/W team here needs routing table information via SNMP itself.


    I have installed a snmpwalk utility on NA server and I am able to query the SNMP routing table using this utility. I was wondering  if I can inject this into NA creating a new diagnostic task. Can i have command like below in the diagnostic task and present the output.


    C:\Users\a-Abhinandan.Aithal\Desktop\New folder>SnmpWalk.exe -q -p:161 -c:<community string> -r:$tc_device_ip -os: -t:500