How to moved multiple devices from one device group to another in NA 9.20



I'm trying to audit our devices and wanted to move multiple devices from one group to another without going to each device one by one. 


if you can help, that would be appreciated 





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    Hello Mamurao,


    From the top menus on the left hand side of the NA WebUI: Select Devices -> New Group. From this page you can create a new group and select specific devices to add to the new group.


    In the New Group page please select the raido button for "Use Device Selector to select a fixed device set (static group)" the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of this page with the text box to the left. With this you can select individual devices or many different devices to add to you group. Shift-Select (Left-mouse button) gets you a contiguous group of devices in the list. Cntrl-Select (left mouse button) lets you select individual devices.

    You may edit existing groups the same way once you are editing the group itself.


    Please let me know how this works out for you.

    Have an Insouciant Day!


    thanks for the response, sorry for the late reply but it worked :) thanks again