SSH is not working

Hello All,

I am having an issue with the SSH under the action menu, as when I click the SSH button for any device I open a blank page unlike the telnet as when I chose for the first time it asked me once to set the default client and it's working fine for the telnet.

Anyway, can anyone help me in this issue. 

note: I am using NA version 10.40 on windows environment 





  • Hi ,

    the Proxy window has issues on Firefox and Chrome, since the plugin used is already decommisioned by those browsers, only IE will execute that.


  • Hello 

    thanks for your mail. i used IE 11 and i've got the same blank screen but when i used IE v 9 i've got a java error 

    ClassNotFoundException so any idea to solve this issue 


    thanks in advance

  • Hi ,

    do you have a loadbalancer between NA and your System? 

    also you can add the NA ip as an exception to your JAVA on your laptop/pc,

    1. look for JAVA control Panel in your PC with Configure Java 
    2. look for the security settings tab
    3. add NA your ip or hostname, you can add both if needed [the ip is an example and is not from a live system]:clip_image004.jpg
    4.  Edit Site list and added
    5. go to General and click on Settings
    6. delete files and check all boxes


    7. close all browsers and try again

  • Verified Answer

    also forgot to mentioned:

    Currently the NA proxy window do not work on Chrome and Firefox given that the plugin [NPAPI] NA relied on has been removed  on Both Browsers by default starting at Firefox 52 and Chrome 45 versions each,

    Only Internet Explorer 10 and 11 can launch the proxy window correctly at this date.

    Also on our NA 10.11 Release Notes there is a note of this known Browser Issue:


    Browser-related Known Issues

    The NA Applet does not work in a Google Chrome browser As Google Chrome has disabled Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), Java applets no longer work in the browser.


    Connect to NA Proxy using an SSH or Telnet utility, log on to your user account, and then connect to the devices using the connect command. For more information, see the Adding Devices and Device Groups chapter of NA User Guide.


    Chrome Blog: --> Timeline where they clearly state that Sept 2015 is the drop-dead cut-off for NPAPI obsolescence (i.e. Java Applet disablement).

  • Hi 

    Many thanks. i will try the proposed solution and let you know the updates 


    Best Regards 

    Shady kozman