Need help updating perl api script after NA proxy behavior change

I use what I think is a fairly generic perl script to connect to my NA proxy (v9.22) and query Cisco devices. For some reason the NA administrators have changed the NA cli proxy behavior such that when you do "connect xyz.corp," instead of getting straight to the xyz.corp Cisco device enable prompt, you now get an SSH login prompt on the xyz.corp device.


Now, when logged directly into the the NA proxy (no perl script), when I try to connect to a device  I get:


NA>connect xyz.corp
Attempting to connect to device xyz.corp ( 

Device SSH Login:  

 I need to adapt my perl script to handle this.


Current script:



use lib qw(/ops/shared/home/tmnet/lib);
use Opsware::NAS::Connect;
use Socket;

if ($ARGV[0] eq "") {die print ("\nPlease enter a switch\n");};

my $con = Opsware::NAS::Connect->new(
             -user => 'nasuser',        # NAS user name
             -pass => 'naspw',      # NAS user's password
             -host => 'hpnas.techsys.corp:8023',    # NAS server host IP (may include :port)

         # log in to NAS Proxy

         my $prompt = qr/^\w \#\s*$/m;  # use pre-compiled regular expression
                 if ($ARGV[0]=~m/.*east.*/) {$dc = "east";}
                 elsif ($ARGV[0]=~m/.*west.*/) {$dc = "west";}
                        else {$dc = "eu";};

                 print "$ARGV[0]:\n\n";
         # Connect to the switch
        $con->connect( "$ARGV[0] -override", $prompt ) or die ("\nFailed to connect to $ARGV[0]\n");

        $con->cmd("terminal length 0");

         # issue a command and capture the output...
                 if ($ARGV[1] eq "group2") {@lines = $con->cmd("sho mac address-table dynamic vlan 500 | incl Eth");}
                 else {
         @lines = $con->cmd("sho mac address-table dynamic | incl Eth");};

         # disconnect from this device

<remainder snipped>


I have started doing a little Python scripting - but I don't know perl yet.


Thank you,


 (If I should have posted this elsewhere, please let me know.)