NA 9.22 SNMP v3 by default

Hello, Colleagues.


We use only SNMP v3 on devices.

I created  Device password rule for SNMP v3.


How to disable SNMP v2 and enable SNMP v3 for all devices in NA?
How to configure NA to use SNMP v.3 by default?

Best regards, Sergy


  • Hi;



    Thank you for your post.  To begin with, keep in mind that not all devices support SNMP V3.  If all your inventory does, then you can use it.


     You can add enable SNMP V3 by a variety of methods.


    You will need to add it to the Device Password Rule that you use for logging in.


    You can change it on each device home page.  Go to the device and click on Edit --> Edit Device and scroll dow to the "Connection Information" section.  There you will see the selections used for that device for SNMP.   You can checkmark the needed selections to enable SNMP V3 there.


    If you need to do it to a large number of devices, you can batch edit the devices and do change large chunks at the same time.   To do this, you can click on Inventory, then once the page displays the list of devices, change how many devices you want to display ( I would suggest not using "All" if you have a significant number of devices).   Change it at the bottom right of the page where it says "Display results in groups of".

    Select All, then in the "Actions" pull down menu, select Batch Edit.

    After the Batch Edit page displays, you can scroll down and select "Set Connections methods".   This is where you would set the SNMP V3 characteristics. 


    I would suggest turning off SNMP V2 or V1 unless you are very sure that it is not used in your network.  We have many functions that use this version of SNMP and disabling it may cause unpredictable results.


    I hope that this helps.




  • Thank you for your detailed answer. It helped (Batch Edit).


    Best regards, Sergy.