NNM-NA New Device Sync Issue

Hello Experts,


We have NA-NNM (v9.2) recently upgraded in place on windows and integrated. Since then we are facing sync issues. New devices added to NNM are not synced/updated in NA as they used to be earlier.


Can you help help me analysing why syncing action is triggering on NA ?




Avi Mehenwal

  • Hello,


    First thing to check is the version of the 2 applications.

    NA 9.22 integrates only with NNMi 9.23 for example.


    What NA-NNMi version are you using? You might  need to upgrade one or both applications.


    Second, you should make sure that all the requirements of a successful integration (per integration docs) are being followed, including selecting an appropriate synchronization group in NNMi (Topology Filter Node Group)

    Also make sure that the devices newly added in NNMi are part of the Node Group that syncs with NA.

    Please find the integration doc attached.



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  • Hi Marius,

    Glad to see your quick reply :)

    NNM Patch level is 920_00003
    NA is on 9.22 64 bit version.

    I have created a synchronization node group in NNM and YES the device I am looking for is in that sync group but not in NA.

    Even when I manually issue syncInterfaces and Node groups from NNM Menue->Actions->HP NNM iSPI Performace->SynceInterfaces and Node groups the action opens a new popup with message "Synchronization of node and interface groups will occur within 5 minutes." and nothing happens after that. Not sure why ??

    Let me know if aything else is required. I would log a case for this problem and would share to you if you like.

    Have a great day !

    -Avi Mehenwal
  • Hi,


    Just for a quick update with the issue presented.

    The matter was handled via support case.


    Integration works now as expected.


    Best regards,