HPNA Modify - Expect Timeout setting

Is there a global setting that lets me modify the pattern timeout?

I get this error when waiting for the login in prompt on my network devices (some of my devices we need to wait up to 30 seconds to get a prompt)

This task did not complete. ExpectTimeout: Timeout expecting pattern [(Login invalid|Bad password|Authentication failed|Access denied),(password:|passcode:|Password-local:|pwd?:),(ser[nN]ame:|login:|login as:|user name|User:),#\s*$,(myuser|mypassword)>,>\s*$,(\S )\s (Enter \S .* to exit this menu|Quit This Menu|EXIT MENU|to Exit this menu|Exit this menu|Go to),] Current timeout setting: 10 seconds

I changed the telnet and SSH login timeouts but this doesn't seem to impact it.

The "Pattern Timeout" in "Configuration Policy Verification is set to 30 seconds by default and doesn't seem to impact this timeout as well.