NNMi Tip: New "NNMi Auditing" feature introduced in version 10.x

Hello Community,


The lack of a way to monitor the users' actions resulting in changes to the NNMi database was a flaw in previous versions of NNMi. However version 10.x introduces the new "NNMi Auditing" feature. 


Users' actions like creating/deleting node groups, changing incidents' ownership, etc. are logged into %NnmDataDir%\nmsas\NNM\log\audit-<date>.log file.


For more information please refer to NNMi 10 Deployment reference, section "NNMi Auditing":





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  • Is it possible to audit actions like like adding and deleting information in incident notes field or the notes field on a node?  Is possible to audit the addition and deletion of Custom Attributes?



  • Hi Bitdog,


      Yes this can be done.   As a general rule any change that causes a modification to the database will be audited.  So I created a CA on one of my routers and added a note to an incident and assigned that incident to me.  here are the results in the Audit log ( using Tools-> NNMi Audit log )


    2015-02-25T13:42:48.633 davey <IP ADDR> ACTION "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""
    2015-02-25T13:44:00.358 davey <IP ADDR> MODEL 19389035-1929-461a-b896-39094d2095d1 CREATE CustomNodeAttribute 19327352991 CA_DEVTYPE name "" CA_DEVTYPE
    2015-02-25T13:44:00.358 davey <IP ADDR> MODEL 19389035-1929-461a-b896-39094d2095d1 CREATE CustomNodeAttribute 19327352991 CA_DEVTYPE parent "" 49038/routerName
    2015-02-25T13:44:00.358 davey <IP ADDR> MODEL 19389035-1929-461a-b896-39094d2095d1 CREATE CustomNodeAttribute 19327352991 CA_DEVTYPE value "" Router
    2015-02-25T13:45:04.764 davey <IP ADDR> MODEL ea088fdd-399a-4857-af97-1f7a456ae85f UPDATE IncidentJournal 19327352856 test_Child notes "" "added some notes and assigned to me"
    2015-02-25T13:45:04.764 davey <IP ADDR> MODEL ea088fdd-399a-4857-af97-1f7a456ae85f UPDATE Incident 19327352856 test_Child assignedTo "" davey
    2015-02-25T13:45:10.530 davey <IP ADDR> ACTION "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""

    where the <IP ADDR> is the address of my UI PC.

    Hope this helps

    Dave Y