Global Network Management with different version of NNMi

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Can you help me solving some doubts about Global Network Management configuration?


Case 1:

Is it possible to have the following Global/Regional scenario?


Global Manager with NNMi 9.10

Regional Manager with NNMi 9.01 Patch 4


Case 2:

I have both Global and Regional Manager with NNMi 9.01 with the connection between them up and running correctly.

If I will update only the Global Manager to NNMi 9.1x, does the connection survive and can be enabled again or do I have to reconfigure it?

Is this configuration allowed or not?


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      1) While not recommended the deployment guide does say this is supported.  From the 9.1x P3 guide on

           page 253 it states:

    If a global manager is connected to a regional manager running NNMi 9.0x patch 2 or

    earlier, SNMP queries between the global and regional manager do not work. To

    remedy this, upgrade the regional manager to NNMi 9.0x patch 3 or later. To achieve

    the best results, the global manager should be the same version and NNMi patch level

    as the regional manager. HP supports an NNMi 9.10 global manager connected to an

    NNMi 9.0x regional manager.


      2) The document goes on to say, in respect of upgrading:


    To upgrade NNMi management servers configured in a global network management

    environment, upgrade the NNMi management servers in the following order:


    1 Upgrade the global manager from NNMi 9.0x to NNMi 9.10.


    2 Upgrade the regional managers from NNMi 9.0x to NNMi 9.10.


    The global network management feature continues to function while you complete the

    upgrades, but some of the new NNMi 9.10 features might not work on the global

    NNMi management server until you complete the upgrades on the regional NNMi

    management servers.


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