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I've setup custom polling, NNMi 9.20, for a vsat device and all configured expressions are working as expected except for two OIDs. One reporting Total Upload and the other reporting Total Download.


As per attached snapshot, in the Analysis pane, I'm getting two values , Sampled & Delta.


How can I get NNMi to report on the Sampled value in the Custom Polled Instances view?

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    Hi Abdullah Kamal,



    Probably because the type of OIDs value is as example Counter.

    You can check this in Configuration > MIBs > MIB OID Types.

    Also you can change this type as example to Integer – double click on the OID and select the Primitive Type.


    Here is explanation provided with KM00392937 - NNMi 9.23 Release Notes:


    • NNMi enables you to change the type of a MIB OID from what is reported by the device. For example, you can force something reported as an Integer to be interpreted as a Counter. This configuration is done  sing the MIB OID Types view under MIBs in the Configuration workspace.
      • These MIB OID Type configurations are used by Custom Poller, the NNMi Line Graph, and the Analysis Pane Gauges.
      • In addition to changing the primitive type of an OID, you can specify whether the OID has multiple instances grouped in a MIB table.


    Here you can find explanations of this issue in details: KM1169581 - StatePoller and CustomPoller's decision to use mib variables as delta values or raw values.



    Thanks and regards,