How to forward SNMP traps on NNM 7.53from blackberry boxtone

Hi All,

I am using NNM 7.53 on hpux and in our environment we want to recieve snmp traps on NNM 7.53  from the boxtone server which is getting snmp traps from all the blackberry enterprise servers . we have mentioned the NNM server IP in the boxtone server to forward the traps in NNM 7.53 but from NNM 7.53 I need to configure events to send it to BMC bem console which is MOM in our environment . Can anybody help me out that how I can configure event for the traps which are forwarded to NNM from boxtone?

I have also loaded the MIB file of boxtone  in NNM but only single event is loaded in event configuration window of NNM . But how I can configure single event for all the traps coming from boxtone ? Is it possible to forward SNMP traps to NNM and then configure event for the trap to send it to other tool (BMC BEM) in our environment?